Session II
Date & Time
Tuesday, January 24, 2023, 11:10 AM - 1:20 PM

Inside the Oura
Tom Hale, Chief Executive Officer, Ōura Health with Jenny B. Fine, Executive Editor, Beauty, WWD and Beauty Inc

Driving Virality on TikTok and Beyond
Evan Horowitz, Chief Executive Officer & Co-founder, Movers and Shakers; Laurie Lam, Chief Brand Officer, E.l.f. Beauty; and Stephanie Valentine, Content Creator, Glamzilla with Kathryn Hopkins, Senior Editor, Beauty, WWD

How NetElixir Works Their Magic
Udayan Bose, Chief Executive Officer & Founder, NetElixir with Emily Dougherty, Special Correspondent, Beauty Inc
Presented by NetElixir

How Sephora Plugs Into Beauty Consumer On Social
Brent Mitchell, Vice President, Marketing, Social & Influencer, Sephora, with Kathryn Hopkins, Senior Editor, Beauty, WWD