Full Name
Enrico Buonocore
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Speaker Bio

Enrico Buonocore was born in Milan to a working-class family from the Amalfi Coast, but he had bigger dreams. While still just a boy, Mr. Buonocore showed a predisposition for business and public relations. He began working in bars and night spots in Milan in order to find his footing, and in 2007, he opened the Langosteria in Via Savona, Milan, the first of what would become the Gruppo Langosteria. Quality ingredients, professional service, and customer care are the keys to its success.
In just a short time, Langosteria became a point of reference for Milanese aficionados of food and wine excellence, thanks also to the trade press, which was enthusiastic about the young businessman and his style of cuisine. Five years after the first inauguration, the Group’s second restaurant, Langosteria Bistrot, opened, followed by two more restaurants in Italy, Langosteria Café and Langosteria Paraggi. Mr. Buonocore’s revolutionary spirit, an exemplary case history, is traced in the book Rivoluzione Langosteria by Roberta Schira, which contains many anecdotes and secrets behind the birth of Langosteria.

In 2018 Mr. Buonocore met Remo Ruffini, who saw in him a visionary entrepreneur and shortly thereafter purchased a 40% share in the Group, with Mr. Buonocore remaining as the majority partner. 2021 marked the Group’s first international venture, in Paris, in collaboration with Cheval Blanc Paris. Early this year, Langosteria announced the opening of its new restaurant in St Moritz, Switzerland, their first high-altitude location, and in 2024 Langosteria will open its first restaurant in the United Kingdom, joining the culinary lineup at The OWO.

Enrico Buonocore