Full Name
Jennie Enterprise
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Speaker Bio

As a life-long entrepreneur, Jennie Enterprise is known as a visionary world-builder whose relentless curiosity is matched only by her relentless discipline. Her work ethic was instilled in her by the matriarchs of her family, her Italian immigrant grandparents, and her father who worked tirelessly to put himself through school, driving municipal trucks and a New York City cab.
Ms. Enterprise’s passion for entrepreneurship was evident when she developed her first business at just 13 years old: a tennis camp on Shelter Island where she spent summers. Later, as a student at Fordham University, she founded an on-campus entertainment company. By the time she graduated from The London School of Economics and Fordham Law School, Ms. Enterprise was already developing her vision for a new kind of business. In 1995, that vision was realized as Reebok Sports Club, which later would be credited as the precursor for the "lifestyle club" category. 
Her next idea would synthesize her passion for curation and culture and transform the world of private communities. In 2001, she founded CORE: as a membership-based lifestyle company that would reimagine the traditional world of clubs with an innovative new model devoted to making freedom, independence, and happiness the new center of gravity. CORE: would create the conditions for the brightest minds and visionary thinkers to seamlessly integrate work and play and experiment with all the spaces in-between.
By 2005, the first CORE: location had opened in New York. Nearly two decades later, Ms. Enterprise is leading the company into the next stage of its transformation, with new locations in New York, San Francisco, and a global expansion beginning with CORE: Milano.

Jennie Enterprise