Full Name
Dangene Enterprise
Job Title
Chief Executive Officer & Founder
Speaker Bio

An entrepreneur and innovator for over three decades, Dangene Enterprise has reimagined skincare from head to toe, fusing artistry and science to achieve total skin transformation. Raised in a family where no one attended college but generation after generation found their way as entrepreneurs, Ms. Enterprise resolved to forge her own independent path. She first found success on the West Coast, parlaying her network, talent, and reputation into an enviable client list that would make her the go-to skin fixer for Hollywood power-players and celebrities. As her business grew, she shuttled back and forth between Los Angeles and New York to treat clients.
Ms. Enterprise’s passion for her practice, her relentless pursuit of continuous, sustained results, and, above all, her empathy can be traced to her experience as a young woman grappling with severe acne. Subsequently, she devoted years to intense skincare research, determined to transform traditional protocols and create a completely customized program that would deliver profound results. With dangene, she realized that vision, completely reimagining the traditional spa skincare model, and innovating a new approach focused on the latest science and medical-grade technologies, including lasers, LED, oxygen machines, and stem cells, in concert with her proprietary methodology. She created a circuit training program for the skin, jumpstarting the skin’s natural ability to repair itself. Her customized approach is rooted in a foundational understanding of each individual’s lifestyle and unique needs.
Today, she is realizing the next transformational step in her skincare journey, as she oversees the launch of new locations for dangene in New York, San Francisco, Milano, and beyond.

Dangene Enterprise