Full Name
Philipp Plein
Job Title
President & Chief Executive Officer
Philipp Plein Group
Speaker Bio
Philipp Plein’s strong interest in art, architecture, and cultures was shaped early in life through extensive travels with his family. In 1998 he entered the world of design by producing furnishings in steel and leather initially for family and friends, which soon became a full-time profession. Mr. Plein started to experiment with leather garments and accessories and launched his own fashion brand in 2004, an insightful collection that combined young, rock and roll style with impeccable quality. Currently, the world of Philipp Plein includes corporate headquarters in Europe, North America, and Asia; more than 110 mono-brand stores; over 500 retail clients worldwide; and a turnover of over $200M euros.

Mr. Plein lives by his creed of breaking rules and barriers, doing the unexpected, and shaking people out of their complacence, while never ignoring the main objective of having fun and enjoying life. At Philipp Plein events, the designer uses this talent to develop spectacular entertainment for his guests including classical concerts, monster car extravaganzas, futuristic robots, and more. This year the brand is exploring the world of art with the launch of Philipp Plein Unique Pieces, including a marble sculpture of a man wearing a pair of Philipp Plein kicks inspired by Gruppo Laoconte.

The Philipp Plein brand is bringing this philosophy into the digital world. In March 2022 the brand dropped the first fashion show in Decentraland, revealing its first digital capsule collection of outfits represented by wearable NFTs. The Philipp Plein Group has already demonstrated its proactivity and success with multiple initiatives across the metaverse. For example, the brand made a $1.4M acquisition of a prime metaverse district covering 65 Decentraland parcels in order to develop Plein Plaza, a 120-meter-high virtual skyscraper. The first establishment in the building is the Museum of NFT Arts (M.O.N.A.), designed as an open forum for the development of digital art.
Philipp Plein