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Chief Executive Officer
9dcc and Admit One
Speaker Bio

gmoney (@gmoneyNFT) is a renowned NFT cultural thought leader and educator, best known for anonymously sporting his iconic orange beanie CryptoPunk and establishing his metaverse community,  Admit One. gmoney sold Visa and Galaxy Digital the CryptoPunks they purchased for their collections, and he is Founder of 9dcc, the first crypto-native fashion luxury house to exist on the blockchain. He was recognized by nftnow’s 2022 NFT100, the Vogue Business Innovators 100, and featured in Fortune as one of the 50 most important people in NFTs, thanks to his work educating people on why the largest global corporations – like Adidas, Meta, Nike, Visa, or Pepsi – are rushing into crypto and how blockchain and metaverse strategy will be critical for future success and monetization. 

gmoney has become an iconic symbol of success with consciousness in the blockchain arena and has cemented his reputation through multi-faceted business endeavors, investments, partnerships, collaborations, and transparent communication across social channels, all while working to prominently uplift the voices of women, POC, and other minorities in the space.