This past year is being defined by a uniquely volatile environment for brick-and-mortar retail. The year began with the effects of Omicron raging and saw those limitations replaced by a combination of economic headwinds that limited visits and affected revenue. But 2022 also saw the rise of key trends and market shifts that could dictate retail success in the year to come. From the rise of retail media networks to critical changes in shopping center tenancy, new retail partnerships, and shifts in migration patterns, 2022 saw the ongoing evolution of key trends for the sector. 

This webinar will dive into the latest location analytics to examine the trends driving success, the retailers leading the way, and the tactics they are leveraging.



Ethan Chernofsky
Ethan Chernofsky
Senior Vice President of Marketing

Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Executive Editor, Strategic Content Development


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