Watch this webinar discussion to hear maurices’ Chief Digital and Information Officer share their omnichannel retail strategy, change management, and vision. Learn about retail innovations to drive faster implementations and how moving to cloud-based solutions helped with infrastructure costs and enabled smooth integrations to loyalty and promotions programs. Hear how maurices’ Oracle Xstore POS rollout, supported by OPN partner Logic, was possible without downtime. Register today to learn about industry trends and get helpful omnichannel retailer advice from maurices.


  • How can the right POS solution meet customer expectations in shopping journeys across channels and devices?
  • Why are tech investments in POS needed now?
  • How can it give brands and retailers a competitive edge?
  • How does Oracle Xstore address retailer challenges?
  • Results and successes that maurices has achieved from using Oracle Xstore


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Megan Douglas
Megan Douglas
Chief Digital and Information Officer

Nick Reinbold
Nick Reinbold
Senior Vice President– Americas

Rose Spicer
Rose Spicer
Head of Global Retail Marketing

Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Arthur Zaczkiewicz
Executive Editor, Strategic Content Development

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