Wednesday, November 8, 2023

Palazzo Parigi Hotel | Milano, Italy

7:00 PM - 11:30 PM

Attire: Black Tie


This November, WWD, The Style Gate and Galateo & Friends will host an exclusive gala in Milan celebrating the converging worlds of fashion and food. This event will highlight the endless ways that cuisine and hospitality are linked to high fashion and luxury retail, and how brands and leaders can collaborate on exciting, new experiences.

The 2023 Fashion Loves Food Gala will explore how the beauty of luxury fashion and the taste of exquisite cuisine appeal to the senses and emotions; how food and hospitality are crafted to be an extension of fa fashion brand's aesthetic and philosophy; and how an effective collaboration or investment can expand audience interest and loyalty in new ways. 


  • Luxury Houses’ Investment in Hospitality
  • The Heritage of Food in Fashion
  • Designers’ Expansion into the Hotel Space
  • Wine as a Luxury Experience 
  • Luxury Restaurants’ Influence on Fashion and Culture


Palazzo Parigi Hotel di Porta Nuova, 1,
20121 Milano MI, Italy (Upstairs)



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